Monday, April 21, 2008

Lost in a sea of WIP's . . .

Why can't I ever finish anything? Am I just lazy?LOL

I know as of right now I'm knitting about 5 different things, some are close to being finished some have been abandoned. I've been crocheting about 12 different thing for a year now and haven't finished a thing. I am lazy, or maybe I just don't have enough free time.

I am a painfully slow knitter, if following a pattern, I read it about 10 times before I actually do the stich. I then make my stitches and triple check them to be sure it's right. I think I have Knitters Perfection OCD. LOL

I finally made some needles out of bamboo skewers and dowels, they're painted or stained, just gotta seal them and apply all the pretties (crystals, beads, glitter). I hope to do that today, but I know I probably won't.

Less than a week til Marc Broussard! I'm itching for another concert after all, it's been 4 months since the last one. LOL I need a concert a week.

Well, I think I'll actually go work on the needles some more, finish something for once.

Yeah. Right. lol

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

First post . . .

Well here I am. I done gone and got me a blog ya'll! HAHA!

So Today I went to TU (Threads Unlimited) and bought some new needles, Trendsetter Yarns straight Bamboo's, size 8 & 10. I love them! I can say I will never use metal again. They're so nice and smooth.

I took a quickie nap tonight and dreamed about a skein of Robynn's hand dyed yarn. I'm gonna have to break down I buy it I think. It's bad when you get to the point where you dream about yarn! I have too much!

I need to get rid of some of it though, all the cheapo kind. I just dunno what to do with it, it just feels so brillo pad like now. At one point some was ok, but now that I've been seduced by good yarn, there's no turning back.

Ok so onto music . . . LOL. The state of country music is horrible thanks to a band of 3 idiots, a blonde reality show winner and a hick who cuts the sleeves off of his shirts and has no shoes or problems either. Well, Lady Antebellum has come to save it, I just bought their cd on iTunes today, it's amazing, not hick-a-fied, and Charles Kelly is gorgeous, but looks don't matter right? (........) LOL But Really it's a pretty decent album. Not as Good as Marc Broussard but then again, who is?

That's enough for today, the lady here is getting sleepy and I do need my beauty sleep . . . .

Nighty night.