Monday, April 21, 2008

Lost in a sea of WIP's . . .

Why can't I ever finish anything? Am I just lazy?LOL

I know as of right now I'm knitting about 5 different things, some are close to being finished some have been abandoned. I've been crocheting about 12 different thing for a year now and haven't finished a thing. I am lazy, or maybe I just don't have enough free time.

I am a painfully slow knitter, if following a pattern, I read it about 10 times before I actually do the stich. I then make my stitches and triple check them to be sure it's right. I think I have Knitters Perfection OCD. LOL

I finally made some needles out of bamboo skewers and dowels, they're painted or stained, just gotta seal them and apply all the pretties (crystals, beads, glitter). I hope to do that today, but I know I probably won't.

Less than a week til Marc Broussard! I'm itching for another concert after all, it's been 4 months since the last one. LOL I need a concert a week.

Well, I think I'll actually go work on the needles some more, finish something for once.

Yeah. Right. lol


Melissa said...

I found your blog on the Monroe knitters ravelry group. You look so familiar to me, but I can't figure it out.
And, if you are dreaming about the yarn, BUY IT!! :)