Monday, September 8, 2008

Beware of the woman with the pointy sticks . . . .

I'm in a bad mood. My knitting here lately, sucks, my second sweater is terrible messed up, 7 extra stitches, 7! And 5 too many Yarn overs!

The sock, my beautiful sock which was done up until the gusset, started giving me fits. I had 3 large bumps on the heel. I ripped out to start over and dropped stitches beyond the point of picking them up again. I ripped it all out. Then I cried.

Then there's stupid people. (don't worry it's not any of you) I've decided I can't deal with them anymore, if the sign says "Service Elevator, for employee's only" what does that mean? They don't get it, they stand on it for a good 5 minutes and wonder why the doors never close.

And men suck. But you probably knew that already, I think I'm having Post Menstrual Syndrome.

I'm off to invent my own sweater pattern. The socks are hopeless, I'll probaby give Tonya the yarn, she's a good sock knitter upper.